NPL Mink-Cotton Towel: Luxury and Performance

NPL Mink-Cotton Towel: Luxury and Performance

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Introducing the NPL Mink-Cotton Towel, your ultimate companion for both daily bathing rituals and intense pickleball competitions. This towel is crafted with a perfect blend of luxury and functionality, ensuring a premium experience in any setting.

The NPL Mink-Cotton Towel features a front side made with luxuriously soft polyester mink, providing a gentle and velvety touch to your skin. The vivid details of the NPL print add a touch of personal style and make a statement.

On the backside, you'll find exceptionally silky and absorbent cotton. This high-quality cotton guarantees efficient moisture absorption, making it an essential accessory during sweaty pickleball matches.

NPL, which stands for the National Pickleball League, represents the pinnacle of professional pickleball competition. As you strive for excellence on the court, this towel will be your steady companion, providing comfort, absorption, and style.

Whether you're using it to dry off after a competitive game or taking it to the gym, the NPL Mink-Cotton Towel combines the best of both worlds. Treat yourself to the luxurious feel of the mink side and the practicality of the cotton side. Elevate your pickleball experience and proudly showcase your support for the exciting world of pro pickleball with this premium NPL towel. The NPL™ Logo is a copyright of the National Pickleball League.

.: Printed front side made with 100% polyester mink and backside made 100% with absorbent cotton
.: Soft material
.: One-sided print
.: One size (30" × 60") (76.2cm × 152.4cm)
.: 360 GSM fabric

Length, in 30.00
Height, in 60.00