OKC Punishers™ NPL™ Skirted Capris with 3 pockets

OKC Punishers™ NPL™ Skirted Capris with 3 pockets

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Show your team spirit on the pickleball court with the OKC Punishers Skirted Capris—where team pride meets performance in a winning combination for pickleball enthusiasts who bleed team colors!

🌸 Product Details 🌼

Skirt: Tailored with the unmistakable OKC Punishers colors and logo, these Skirted Capris radiate team spirit and style. The skirt's comfortable and flexible materials ensure you move with agility on the court, allowing you to showcase your team pride with every swing.

Capris: The solid black capris provide a sleek backdrop to the vibrant OKC Punishers skirt, offering a blend of comfort and stretch for an energetic and spirited pickleball game. Crafted from a quality mix of materials—83% Poly and 17% Spandex, with a weight of 230g—these capris deliver the performance you need.

🎉 Pockets for Convenience 🎉

Zippered Pocket: Explore the convenience of a discreet zippered pocket cleverly placed in the waist belt at the back. Ideal for securely stowing small essentials, this pocket ensures you stay focused on the game without missing a beat.

Ball Pocket: Revel in the luxury of a dedicated ball pocket tucked beneath the skirt on one side. Easily accessible during your matches, this pocket adds a touch of practicality to your pickleball sessions.

Phone Pocket: Stay connected effortlessly with a designated phone pocket on the other side, discreetly placed beneath the skirt. Now, your device is always within reach, allowing you to capture every memorable moment on and off the court.

Copyrighted by SKYblue LLC: This exclusive design is copyrighted by SKYblue LLC, ensuring that you own a distinctive piece that reflects your team spirit proudly on the pickleball court.

The OKC Punishers™ and NPL™ logos are trademarks of the National Pickleball League. 

Elevate your pickleball wardrobe with the OKC Punishers Skirted Capris—where team loyalty meets top-notch performance. Get ready to play, showcase your team pride, and dominate the court with the unmistakable spirit of the OKC Punishers! 🌈🏓 #OKCPunishers #TeamSpirit #PickleballPassion #SKYblueDesigns